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Kahlan relies on the Composer autoloader. As such, it is compatible with most frameworks. However a couple popular frameworks use their own autoloader, so you will need to add your namespaces to be autoloaded correctly in the test environment.

You will need to configure your Kahlan config file to manually add to the Composer autoloader which are "outside the composer scope".

Working with a PSR-0 compatible architecture.

Let's take a situation where you have the following directories: app/models/ and app/controllers/ and each one are respectively attached to the Api\Models and Api\Controllers namespaces. To autoload them with Kahlan you will need to manually add these PSR-4 namespaces in your kahlan-config.php config file:

use Kahlan\Filter\Filters;

Filters::apply($this, 'namespaces', function($next) {
  $this->autoloader()->addPsr4('Api\\Models\\', __DIR__ . '/app/models/');
  $this->autoloader()->addPsr4('Api\\Controllers\\', __DIR__ . '/app/controllers/');
  return $next();



To import all Laravel "test facilities" into Kahlan you can make use of the following dedicated plugins:


To use Kahlan in a Symfony 2.7+ environment, you can use elephantly/kahlan-bundle (GitHub documentation). Symfony ServiceContainer is then available in your spec files and you just have to launch php app/console kahlan:run with usual options.


You can now develop your kahlan tests in Atom with autocompletion thanks to atom-kahlan. Just go in your favorite editor's settings and install the package.


When a class extends a built-in class (i.e. a non PHP class) it's not possible to stub parent class methods since they are not in PHP userland.

Long story short, let's take the following example as an illustration:

We have a model:

namespace Api\Models;

class MyModel extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model

And we want findFirst() to return a stubbed result. This can be translated into the following spec:

namespace Api\Spec\Contollers;

use Api\Models\MyModel;

describe("MyModel", function() {

    it("stubs findFirst as an example", function() {

        $article = new MyModel();


        $actual = MyModel::findFirst();




Unfortunately it doesn't work out of the box because MyModel extends Phalcon\Mvc\Model which is a core class (i.e a class compiled from C sources). So MyModel::findFirst() doesn't exist in PHP userland and can't be stubbed.

The workaround here is to add the Kahlan's Layer patcher in your kahlan-config.php file. The Layer patcher will dynamically replace all extends done on core class to an intermediate layer class in PHP.

So for our example above, the Layer patcher can be configured like the following in your kahlan-config.php file:

use Kahlan\Filter\Filters;
use Kahlan\Jit\Patcher\Layer;

Filters::apply($this, 'patchers', function($next) {
    $this->autoloader()->patchers()->add('layer', new Layer([
        'override' => [
            'Phalcon\Mvc\Model' // apply a layer on top of all classes extending `Phalcon\Mvc\Model`.

    return $next();

Note: You will probably need to remove all cached files using kahlan --cc.

Working with a custom autoloader not compatible with PSR-0.

If you need to load non PSR-0 compatible classes simply add "composer/composer": "^1.2" in your require-dev section and use Composer\Autoload\ClassMapGenerator; in your kahlan config file to generate a class map. For example, when you need to use it in CodeIgniter <=3.1.2, you can do the following:

use Kahlan\Filter\Filters;
use Composer\Autoload\ClassMapGenerator;

Filters::apply($this, 'namespaces', function($next) {
        ClassMapGenerator::createMap(BASEPATH . 'core')
        ClassMapGenerator::createMap(APPPATH . 'controllers')
        ClassMapGenerator::createMap(APPPATH . 'models')

    return $next();